About Sustainable Development Fund

About Sustainable Development Fund

Poster of Sustainable Development Fund
  • What is the Sustainable Development Fund ?

    The Sustainable Development Fund (the Fund) has been established with a sum of $100 million to provide a source of financial support for initiatives that will help develop a strong public awareness of the concept of sustainable development and encourage sustainable practices in Hong Kong.

  • Who is eligible to apply for funding ?

    o Organisations such as non-governmental and community organisations, academic and research institutes, etc; and

    o Individuals aged 18 or above who are ordinarily residents in Hong Kong.

  • What types of project will the Fund support ?

    o Projects that can enhance Hong Kong people's understanding of sustainable development;

    o Projects that can encourage people to put the concept of sustainable development into practice;

    o Projects that can integrate at least two of the economic, social and environmental aspects of sustainable development;

    o Projects that can benefit the community as a whole; and

    o Projects that are non-profit making in nature.

  • When to submit applications ?

    The call for the thirteenth round of applications to the Fund has closed on 22 February 2018.

  • Application Guidelines, Assessment Criteria and Priority Area (the thirteenth round of applications)

    Application Guidelines (PDF) Download
    Assessment Criteria (PDF) Download
    Priority Area (PDF) Download


  • Who to approach for assistance ?

    You can contact the Sustainable Development Fund Secretariat for general enquiries regarding the Fund.

    Address Sustainable Development Division
    Environment Bureau
    21/F, High Block
    Queensway Government Offices
    No. 66 Queensway
    Hong Kong
    Contact Tel. No. 3150-8166
    Fax No. 3150-8168
    E-mail sdf@enb.gov.hk