About Publicity and Community Education Programmes


About Publicity and Community Education Programmes

The Government's efforts alone cannot build a sustainable society. Therefore, the Sustainable Development Division has launched various initiatives to promote public awareness of sustainable development, including :

  • The Sustainable Development School Outreach Programme – under which a series of seminars, workshops and interactive dramas in secondary schools are organised to explore sustainability issues with students.
  • The Sustainable Development School Award Programme – under which schools' efforts in promoting sustainable development are recognised.
  • The Sustainable Development Ambassador Programme – which develops a pool of ambassadors who have further knowledge on sustainability issues and contribute towards the promotion of sustainable development to their peers and community.
  • The Sustainable Development Promotion Award for Students of Higher Education Institutions - which encourages students of tertiary institutions to promote sustainability and spread the relevant messages to the community.
Besides, the Sustainable Development Fund (SDF) supports initiatives that will help develop a strong public awareness of the principles of sustainable development or encourage sustainable practices in Hong Kong. More details are available here.

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