Special Staggering Arrangements for the Retendering of Petrol Filling Station Sites with Leases Expiring in 2018

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Special Staggering Arrangements for the Retendering of Petrol Filling Station Sites with Leases Expiring in 2018

The land leases of 28 PFS sites, which are being operated by four oil companies expired in 2018 and would be available for retendering for PFS. Of these 28 leases, one expired on 2 April 2018 while the rest expired on 27 June 2018.

Normally, a PFS will be closed for several months for retrofitting works upon commencing the new lease. As some of the 28 PFS sites are clustered in the same service areas, temporary closure of all the 28 PFS sites simultaneously will seriously affect the auto-fuel supply and traffic flow of the areas. As such, there is a need to stagger the tendering of these 28 sites to minimise service disruption to consumers during the period of station closure.

The Government has drawn up a staggering plan for the retendering of the concerned PFS sites in 6 batches from the third quarter of 2018 to the fourth quarter of 2021. Due to possible change in circumstances, the estimated time of PFS site availability for retendering is subject to change. Please refer to the Tender Forecast of Land Sale and Coming Land Sale pages in Lands Department’s website for updated information. For more information on the staggering arrangement of these 28 PFS sites, please refer to the information paper to the Legislative Council Panel on Economic Development (LC Paper No. CB(4)767/16-17(01)) at the link below.

Information paper of Panel on Economic Development (Legislative Council) 

Updated Position (as at May 2019)

As explained in the above information paper to the Legislative Council, the promulgated staggering schedule could be subject to change as the Government could not rule out the possibility of changes contributed by factors that are beyond the control of the Government or the oil companies (e.g. additional time needed for carrying out decontamination works, thereby deferring the timing for retendering the affected site.). Despite these potential uncertainties, the Government strives to enhance transparency of the staggering schedule as far as practicable. In this connection, we will provide updates to the staggering plan when available as set out at the link below for information purpose only.

Updates on the Staggering Plan for the Retendering of PFS sites (Position as at May 2019)